The Tricks That Casinos Play On You To Make Sure That You Continue To Gamble


In this article, I am going to be listing out a lot of things that a casino would do to a fellow gambler or an unwitting citizen who is gambling in their establishment. When you are in a city like Las Vegas or Macau, there is a lot of compulsion for you to gamble. It just comes along with social pressure. It is understandable that when you are in such city’s, you will be compelled to gamble. When you do, I suggest you stay in gambling resorts like Caesars Palace. This is exactly how millions of people get roped into casinos, every single year. These places have no windows, no clocks, and, even if you are gambling, it is undoubtedly very easy for you to lose track of time.

Anyway, I am going to be listing out certain things that you should know about. These include some tricks that casinos play on you to make sure that you continue gambling.


  1. Casinos have actually been known to be very popular because they give out free perks like fancy meals, a couple of drinks here and there and even a fancy hotel room and whatnot. They usually do not lose anything when they give you these things, because they gain a lot of money every single minute.
  2. Another sly way they make you spend money is by giving you chips to gamble with instead of cash. When you are gambling with chips, it creates an illusion. You are in an illusion that you are not exactly using real money, but it is quite contrary. You will be exchanging real money for these casino chips. For example, if you exchange $100 of real money for casino chips, you will be getting $100 worth of chips in your hands to gamble with. There are a lot of chances that you could possibly end up winning way more money. You should also know that you can exchange these chips for real money in a kiosk that is on the casino floor.
  3. The casinos know very well that you are not going to do the math. The billboards actually advertise, saying that you get a 97.8% payback rate. This has to be accurate by law. But, they know that you are not going to do the math.
  4. They actually regulate the use of personal cameras on the casino floor. It basically means that they do not allow any patrons to make use of cameras or mobile phones on the casino floor so that they do not have any chances of cheating with the help of the Internet.
  5. They play a certain kind of music so that you get entranced.

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